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Apps won't open (Flash straight back to Home Screen) and can't get into settings to enable RemoteMes

edited November 2015 in Community
Hi There,

I've purchased RemoteMessages for iOS 9 and i'm having a problem.

I've purchased and Installed it and when Springboard restarts, The only apps i can use are one's that were running before I installed RM. If i try to go into settings the app quits right back to the home screen. Any Ideas?

Installer are - Apple File Counduit "2", AppList, BatteryLife, BigBoss Icon Set, BytaFont 3. BytaFont Tweak Mode, CCLean, CCsettings for iOS 8/9, Crash Reporter, Cuttlefish, Dockshift, Emoji iOS 9.1 Backup (D), Emoji83+, FrontFlash, Goodges, iCleaner Pro, iFile, Instagram ++, Message Id, Mutiny, NoSlowAnimations, Phantom, Placeholder, Remote Messages (iOS 9), RevealNC 9, Safari Downloader, San Francisco Light9, Shortcuts, SwipeSelection, Twitter++, Upscale, Watusi (iOS 9), WGradRemover, Winterboard & Youtube++.

iPhone 6 - 9.0.2


  • Hi Bradley,

    We've heard about this issue from a few people, so far it seems to be an instability with the JB/Substrate (AKA not our fault & nothing we can do).

    I believe they are working towards a resolution of this.

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