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Crash when accessing conversations with images

edited November 2015 in Community
For everyone experiencing this bug, in what order did you restore your backup and jailbreak. Typically, I always restore to fresh ios, then restore my backup, then jailbreak, but for iOS 9 I jailbroke on the fresh iOS 9 install and then restored my backup. I have a suspicion that jailbreaking this way may have caused this issue... So I ask this community, which method did you use?

Method A:
1. Restore to iOS 9
2. Restore your backup
3. Apply jailbreak

Method B:
1. Restore to iOS 9
2. Apply jailbreak
3. Restore your backup (did you use icloud or itunes?)


  • I did Method B for this jailbreak. I always try to jailbreak first because restoring takes awhile and if I mess up the jailbreak then I can just restore quickly and try again.
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