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[Resolved] Feature Requests and found Bugs

edited December 2012 in Feature Requests
1. Bug: for numbers saved with +436 (internation code) at the beginning, RM adds another +43 at the beginning, so it tries to send to +43 436..
2. Bug: add line height: 25px; in #composer #editor to fix height for all browsers

1. Feature Request: add a sbsettings toggle
2. Feature Request: an option in settings to keep wlan on while the phone is locked


  • Bug 1) Could you please provide me with an example contact (give me a fake number that has the correct amount of digits and format that will reproduce this error).
    Additionally, is this happening when you are sending a message to someone in an existing conversation? (i.e you click on the name on the right hand side and send a message) Or is it happening when you are sending a message to new recipients?

    Bug 2) Could you upload some screenshots of the issue you are having here? I have just checked across the board (latest versions) and the CSS seems to be fine.

    Feature 1) This request has been noted down for a future feature release.

    Feature 2) This is beyond the scope of Remote Messages (as per the FAQ ( To achieve this use a popular tweak such as Insomnia.
  • Bug 1) Created a fake contact with phone number +4369912345678, created a NEW message from RM and hit send, the phone now shows +43 4369 91234567

    After sending the first message from mobile phone, everything seems fine.

    Bug 2) i have removed my line
  • Thanks for reporting these 2 issues. Both have been confirmed and will be addressed in a near future update.
  • No problem. You're welcome.
  • I was testing using Firefox v15 which seems to have an actual rendering bug with box-sizing and min-height (See here: )

    The 'min-height: 16px' remedied this, but apparently Firefox v17 includes a proper fix, so as we only support the latest versions of Firefox, I'll remove my "fix" and do it properly (25px!)
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