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iOS 6 Support

edited February 2013 in Announcements
@Alex has triumphed once again, rewriting a fair percentage of the core to support iOS 6 in a ridiculous time-frame considering the hours he has available at the moment to work on the project.

We're currently testing absolutely everything, I've only found a couple of very minor issues which have already been fixed. We're on track to deliver within the month, so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime be sure to sign up for a release alert: (Especially if you have yet to purchase Remote Messages *wink wink*).

In terms of device support, which quite a few people have been asking me about via email, we are limited to the devices we own. Previously this meant the first revision of RM was developed exclusively for the 3GS with minimal testing on higher devices. Using the profits generated from RM so far, we've managed to cobble together enough to purchase a shiny new iPhone 5 which Alex is currently developing with. Now we have access to Evasi0n, I've jailbroken a friend's iPad which he is allowing me to test on, so now I can finally say that we officially support the iPad (and by association, the iPod Touch), as well as all of the iMessage compatible iPhones (3GS, 4, 4S and 5).

The next announcement will most likely be a release, we're looking forward to it.

tldr; Currently testing, everything works, supports 3GS -> iPad 3/iPhone 5 etc.


  • AlAl
    edited February 2013
    We're getting ever closer to release but there are a few things I need to tell everyone:

    As so much has changed behind the scenes, we're giving this a major version jump and "Remote Messages 2" will now support only iOS 6.x. iOS 5 users will have to stay with 1.1.2 as we can't support both versions of the code-base, this means there will have to be two versions listed in Cydia, as we do not want iOS 5 users being updated to 2.0 because everything will break. We're working with the guys from BigBoss to make sure all purchases are kept in sync, so new users who purchase v1 will still be able to download v2 when they upgrade to iOS 6.
    We are doing everything we can at our end to make sure users who have purchased Remote Messages already will NOT be charged again for version 2.0. Upon release, if you encounter any problems relating to this, please let us know immediately and we'll get in touch with the guys at BigBoss.

    Everyone who already has Remote Messages installed will need to uninstall it, and install "Remote Messages 2" as a separate package from Cydia, it will not appear as an update.

    Thanks! :-)
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