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Known Issues

edited January 2013 in Announcements
Known Issues in v1.1:

Known Issues in v1.02:
- When a message gets downgraded (or 'sent as sms' from phone) the failed counters don't get updated thus leaving failed indicators on the conversation.
- Deleting a new recipient with select2 for a new conversation using the backspace key does not properly remove the element from the DOM in Chrome. So WILL send to that person as well. For now, to delete an element from the select2 list you must click on the (x) button.

Known Issues in v1.01:
- Broken send message box height in Firefox 17
- Sending a 'new' message (via the Address book searching mechanism) to a contact whose phone number begins with a + will fail (e.g +436 12345678). In the meantime, for affected contacts, send your initial message to the contact via your phone. Subsequent messages will work inside RM.

Known Issues in v1.0:
- Compatibility issue with tweaks that modify the carrier name causing SpringBoard to jump into safe mode.
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