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Add WhatsApp support

If you could extend this apps abilities into WhatsApp it would be a dream come true :D. Any thoughts or plans on that?


  • It's not really within the scope of this project, plus it would be difficult to maintain and neither me or Alex actually use it, so there is no real personal motivation behind what would be quite an epic undertaking. Sorry :(

    Do you know if there is an API available that we can use?
  • WhatsApp API is not open source but it has been reversed and is available on Github here:

    It would be awesome to have a remote option for this app as well. Currently I am using Veency to remote into my iPhone using TightVNC and using the app that way.

  • Hmm this is something I'll look at in the future, but its not a high priority ATM. Thanks for linking to an API.
  • There is a huge user base for WhatsApp so even if you branched off and made a separate app it would be a great earnings opportunity.
  • hi guys, first of all congrats, this is a great tool!! love it.

    please look into whatsapp support!!! everyone i know uses it instead of messages :-o

    thanks in advance!
  • AND its cross-platform. Can message android, blackberry and windows phone. Maybe more.
  • yes - would be really great, if you could implement whatsapp support. I would pay again for that functionality!!
  • +1
    WhatsApp is world famous app, so many people using it more often than classic iMessage.
  • Yeah. Please add WhatsApp support. Here in Germany nobody uses IMessages. Everyone uses WhatsApp. Idk why but it seems like WhatsApp takes the run.
    Please support it and you'll have many new buyers :)
  • WhatsApp + Viber support would be awesome !
  • Yeah whatsapp support would be great, or at least add a plugin API so I can make that functionality myself.
  • I am just going to jump in here and say, YES IF YOU COULD PLEASE ADD WHATSAPP SUPPORT WOULD BE AMAZING!! Remote messages is a sick app guys, one of the very few Cydia apps I have purchased.
  • Is there an update for this thread?

    Please include whatsapp!

    I love my jailbreak even more since i've bought and installed remote messages!
  • AlAl
    edited January 2015
    Yeah sorry, I was too hasty with that one. I don't actually use WhatsApp, so I didn't check it out myself, but I've since read up on how terrible it is.

    They issue take-downs left right and centre, and have even started banning users for using software that hooks into theirs. Not something we really want to get involved with to be honest. I know it's probably impossible, but I would suggest trying to get your friends to switch to Telegram because it's miles better in almost every way and their web client is incredible. Screw WhatsApp and their dastardly ways, basically.
  • Haven't tried (or heard of before) Telegram, but I got everyone on my WhatsApp list to switch to Viber, because they have a desktop client. It is a sufficient condition to make Viber better than WhatsApp, and yeah, screw them :)
  • Hey @Spike;

    Before @Al mentioned it i started using telegram and is really good. I heard some people complaining and comparing "privacy things", bla, bla, bla, "Data Encription", bla, bla, bla, but i will stay with Telegram.

    MY opinion guys.
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