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Error executing itnl command (mac)

edited February 2013 in Support

I just bought RM today and used it on my PC and it works great!

When I later tried to install it on my mac and followed the instructions on how to setup usb syncing, I then got this error from the terminal: "[ERROR] bind error -1 !"

Can you guys please help me?

Kind regards


  • Hi,
    We don't actually have anything to do with itunnel but we can try and help where we can (Google might be better or post on itunnels google site!


    The website states that for the mac version you need: "Intel Mac with newish iTunes (9.1 is probably not required, but recommended)."

    Can you paste the actual command you are using to launch itunnel_usbmux?
  • This is the exact command I use "./itnl --lport 333 --iport 333" (of course without the quotes)

    I am in the specified folder while doing so and every time I receive "[ERROR] bind error -1 !"

    I would be very thankful if it would be possible to solve this problem. I am on a 2012 macbook pro with mountain lion and the latest version of iTunes (11.0.1)
  • Try running "sudo ./itnl --lport 333 --iport 333"
  • edited February 2013
    @Al Thank you Al! that solved my problem :)

    Do I need to run this command every time I want to connect the iphone via usb?
  • Pretty much, there may be a nicer solution available by now for USB tunnelling. I believe iFunBox supports it. Let me know if you find anything better and I'll put it in the guide :)
  • I'm still getting the bind error "[ERROR] bind error -1 !" even when using the above sudo command.
  • I have a 2011 Macbook air with mavericks installed.
  • @josher Can you please paste the whole command?
  • Wow Al, you're so helpful! Even when people aren't using your product through it's intended purpose, you help them. Great job, thanks for the fantastic product!
  • @JonLuca The majority of problems tend to be connectivity, not really something we officially support. :P
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