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[Closed] A few suggestions

edited December 2012 in Feature Requests
Have been a longtime user of WifiSMS, and really appreciate a regularly updated alternative. Just a few suggestions:

1) Could you make it clearer that Remote Messages is best used with a tweak that keeps the iPhone WLAN on. Provide links to the tweaks in the FAQ and the app description on Cydia. Otherwise new users will keep asking. I've found KeepAwake more reliable than Insomnia, so perhaps suggest both.

2) Could you provide an option (in settings on the iPhone) to change the font for the browser UI? Perhaps to something more Apple-like (e.g. the font from Apple Messages)?

3) It would be amazing if you could get someone to integrate this with Notification Center on Mac OS X (as Apple's Messages app is), even if it just makes FF send the notification.

4) Lots of people I know who aren't Jailbroken would probably be willing to JB just for this. Have you considered putting something in the FAQ explaining that you need to jailbreak, and providing a few links to JB instructions?

Anyway, sorry of the deluge of possibly unhelpful suggestions. I think this app needs more coverage! Should be up on modmyi, iphonedownload blog's youtube channel, macrumors, have you thought of posting/contacting them...?


  • Hi Taja,
    Thanks for the feedback! We always welcome user suggestions and feedback.

    1) We have had this info on our FAQ's for a while, however I agree that adding in an extra line to the app description mentioning said tweaks is a good idea. We'll also add in your suggestion of KeepAwake.

    2) Good idea! This has been added to our internal road map along side playing sounds on receiving messages etc (we'll add in some config options so users can enable/disable/modify this new functionality). I can't speculate when this feature will be released, but rest assured its on our list.

    3) This isn't a bad idea, only issue with this is that browser integration with the OSX notification center (and browser notifications in general) are pretty weak atm. We'll look into this and add it to our 'requested features' list.

    4) We are extremely flattered by your comments. We are currently halfway through a revamp of the FAQ and writing a small guide on how to use itunnel_mux (so you don't necessarily *have* to have a wifi connection to use RM, you can connect via your USB cable). If you know of anybody who would be interested in RM give em a shout! As with all tweaks we depend largely on word of mouth to get our product known!

    As for modmyi and the others, we're planning on giving them a shout when v1.02 gets released soon. :)
  • great, thank you! I realise you're right about the FAQ, embarrassed I didn't notice. Anyway, good to hear, and looking forward to seeing how the app develops.
  • a few more very minor requests after using the app for a bit longer

    1) could you make the 'esc' key close the attachment and contact search boxes when they're active? At the moment you have to click the relevant icons like a toggle again to do that, which is a bit fiddly.

    2) The compose new SMS icon is counter-intuitive: it uses a mail envelope image, commonly used for a new email rather than texts. Perhaps you could copy the compose SMS button from the stock Messages or BiteSMS app?

    3) Small drop-shadow for the SMS conversation boxes

    4) Date + time (right-aligned) next to contacts in the contact list to indicate when the last text sent or received was, useful at a glance information.

    anyway, great work. glad i took the plunge.
  • 1) Good point, I will most likely include this in the next minor release (1.0.2).
    2) I see where you are coming from on this one, however the icon set I am using (Gnome-colors) is fairly limited. When I get a minute I might look at swapping this out.
    3) I'm not sure what you mean by this, currently SMS boxes are displayed as green bubbles, same as the Messages app.
    4) We are indeed lacking the date on the conversation list, I'm not sure where I could put it in without cluttering the UI too much. Perhaps a tooltip will suffice. Either way, I will be outputting this on the page in a future build so people can display it if they wish. (It will be hidden by default to keep things clean)

    I'm planning on having a 'custom.css' file in the next version which is designed for people to add their own tweaks to the UI.

    Glad you're happy with it so far. :)
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