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Archive or export text messages

edited February 2013 in Feature Requests
Request #1 - It would be great if the app could archive or backup individual conversations into text/html files. And if it could also export any photo messages, that'd be fantastic.

Feature request #2 - Be able to search through conversations (the text messages, not the conversation list). Probably superfluous if request #1 is implemented.


  • I've been talking to Alex about developing a tool for this, although I don't think it's under the scope of Remote Messages, we are firmly against bloating it up with irrelevant features.

    If we go ahead with development on this, I'll let you know.
  • edited February 2013
    Thank you Al, I also agree it would probably be bloating the app although you could probably reuse some of the code since you're already extracting the messages.

    What I just tried is clicking the Load previous messages' button (many, many times) and then using Google's save to PDF. (I can also search through this). It's not perfect though. Maybe add a way to load the entire conversation?

    I'll be first in line to buy a backup/archive app if it does the exporting well (hopefully within the iPhone/iPad and not require using a PC). maybe with integration with dropbox?

    FYI: I updated my original post with a second request.
  • I think the second request – being able to search through the content of SMS conversations – would be fantastic, perhaps more useful than searching the conversation list for people who have fewer, but longer conversations.
  • Also, maybe for performance reasons, be able to search within a certain date range or alternatively (last week, last 30 days, last 3 months).
  • There is a program out there that allows a user to archive text messages as a txt or html format. It's called DiskAid

    As for the second request, once the messages are extracted via Diskaid, you can just use the Ctrl+F and search for pieces in a conversation.
  • That would be good!!!!!
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