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[Closed] Suggestion: Try before buy

edited December 2012 in Feature Requests
Just a suggestion... Especially for such a relatively steep price from a developer with no other packages in the big boss repo (aka prior reputation in the jailbreak community) it may be very beneficial to have like a 3 or 7 day trial period so we can try it out and make sure we like how it works before forking over $5. Would definitely buy it if it works as advertised. Just would like to see it working first or a lot of good forum feedback. Especially when there is a free existing alternative (although not nearly as nice as yours appears to be)


  • Thanks for your comments MiniG0D, I completely understand where you're coming from. I too would be sceptical of dropping $4.99 on something I wasn't able to try out before-hand.

    Unfortunately, due to the nature of Cydia, it isn't possible for us to offer a trial version.

    All I could suggest is waiting for other users to report back with their experiences (it was only released a couple of days ago). Perhaps a dummy web-based version of the user interface would suffice as a preview, what do you think?

    Either way, we are confident that Remote Messages is worth the price, especially considering we're actively working on the development of new features.
  • i think a dummy web interface would definitely assuage doubts.
  • I have no idea how cydia implements it or if its only available on the modmyi repo or what but there are some apps with trials (such as all of intelliborn's products (mywi, intelliscreen, truprint, etc), lockinfo, etc)... so I know there is SOME way to do trials... don't know how hard it is to do...

    But if you need a volunteer to give a license to in exchange for a review I'd volunteer ;)
  • And I am just skeptical about software that is "under development" as I got burned on that wifi sync app... the developer promised they were going to release a windows version and offered half price for those who pre-paid for it... and of course never released it... definitely not saying yall are the same as that guy... just saying stuff happens :)
  • All of the intelliborn products are actually created by the Cydia devs (Saurik etc). I believe they have rolled a custom DRM solution to handle things like trials, this is a route we are not keen to go down. DRM diverts a lot of our resources and time down a lose-lose rights management spiral which will be both detrimental to us (the developers) and you the end user.

    While I understand your skeptiscism their seems little we can do to convince you either way until more people give Remote Messages a shot.
  • I understand.... I was just thinking from a business/marketing perspective as that is what I do... my advice hasn't necessarily been to convince me but also other potential buyers so that you can profit and then further develop the software.... many times products such as yours offer an introductory offer (buy it in the next week for $1.99 before the price jumps up) in order to gain positive feedback and coverage of the product... but if that is not something yall wish to do then maybe just a youtube video demonstration of the software then :)
  • edited December 2012
    Fwiw, I think $5 is a perfectly reasonable (ie non-steep) price for functionality this good.

    If it wasn't a good product, customers would raise hell and nobody would buy it. That's how the free market works.

    Personally I have had plenty of trouble with other Cydia products *cough*BiteSMS*cough* whose hand-rolled licensing scheme occasionally breaks, penalizing paying customers such as myself and detracting from what is otherwise an amazing product.

    Just my two cents. :)
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