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[Closed] what does it mean when a contact is highlighted red?

edited December 2012 in Support
One of my contacts is highlighted red in the contacts list, could I ask what this means? See


  • It means that you have a recent failed message for that contact. This was introduced in the 1.02 update and should work fine barring a known issue with messages that become downgraded as per
  • It's the equivalent of the little (!) icon on the messages overview on the iPhone, indicating that there is a recently failed message in the thread. However, I believe there is a glitch when an iMessage fails and you opt to send via SMS instead.
  • I considered putting an icon in the list, but thought it would be quite ugly. It should be possible to add this in yourself as a mod, we've added a custom.css file for users to add their own styling rules. :)
  • Aha, thank you, that makes sense.
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