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iOS9 Jailbreak Released - Remote Messages compatibility?

edited October 2015 in Community
Just curious if you guys looked into iOS9 compatibility yet. I haven't installed it or tested yet, since I'm waiting for a few more tweaks to be updated before jailbreaking.


  • I'm watching this space as well
  • Hey! We're waiting on the dust to settle from the JB before upgrading our devices (and beginning work on RM compatibility). As has been said many times before we actually develop on our personal devices so we just want to make sure everything is stable before updating.

    We will be looking into compatibility fixes and updating RM for iOS9 shortly.
  • Now that PreferenceLoader has been updated, I was actually able to install Remote Messages 8 version and it loads ok, however when I try to go into a message, it turns itself off. Some bugs to work, but nothing broke when I installed it, so that's a good sign! Hopefully it's an easy fix :D
  • Got it up and running, can connect to phone, but will not pull up any conversation (failed to fetch, then lost connection)
  • I just wanted to chime in here and also wait I'm hopeful for an iOS9 version of Remote Messages. It's the main reason I Jailbreak.
  • Worked great with me too. However it keeps toggling itself off.
  • I did not have remote messages earlier so now after jailbreaking on iOS9 it does not allow me to buy it. Is there a way i can buy it and test it out?
  • Can't buy until that's been opened up for iOS 09. Usually doesn't happen until enough apps are updated for the new OS and deemed stable. You could buy it on an iOS 8 phone and be able to install it on iOS 9, at your own risk of course, but this one isn't working yet.
  • IanIan
    edited October 2015
    Just wanted to chime in and saying that I'm also super excited for RM to be updated! Getting the same issue of it turning itself off when trying to load a message. Looks like a good sign though! RM is the primary reason I jailbreak.
  • I'm looking forward to it being updated too.. watching this space. Same thing for me, it shuts it self off (crashes?) when you click on someones name.
  • Sounds like this might be a simple update (although I could be completely wrong). Hopefully it's not too hard!
  • Just tried it, it keeps turning itself off for me too! Hoping you will be able to fix it soon ! thanks :)
  • AlAl
    edited October 2015
    I really want to release more than just a patch this time around, like the quick-fix we did for iOS 8. But maybe that will be the best option for the time being if it's easy for @Alex to get things working on iOS 9.
  • Al, if it matters, I would like to throw in my .02 for a quick fix to get things working on iOS 9. I am a huge fan of Remote Messages and want to be able to use it as soon as I can :)
  • Throwing in my $0.02 too I'm all for a patch and last time since you didn't charge I just donated anyway and would be more than happy to again. This is one of my most important tweaks. Looking forward to a fix! :)
  • I thought it was perfect under iOS 8.x. If a quick fix gets back to that, all the better!
  • I'm getting the same as everyone else I can watch the toggle turn itself off, but all is good loaded fine and runs good a patch would be fine unless there is a overhaul planned for RM
  • last time i payed and donated twice....

    If we get more features it would be awesome.... like easy downloading of pictures to desktop etc.... we need something like airdroid.
  • I love RemoteMessages, too. It's the most used tweak in cydia for me. Please let it run run run now! I'm a WhatsApp-Hater and need it ;-)

    At least in iOS 8.3 in my case it was perfect and nothing went wrong,

    Greetings from germany, Gigatronic
  • So, if understand correctly - this app will NOT work on IOS9?
  • @wiredup Not at the moment, but from testing with the iOS8 version it seems like it should be minor fixes for the devs to get it working again.
  • Seconded on the quick fix for now, but I would be glad to pay for an updated version that sends typing notifications and additional features. I paid for the iOS7 version and I've sure gotten my money's worth out of it already.
  • I think a redesign would be great, but a quick fix would be nice to hold us over! It's my last tweak that hasn't been updated and it's my most used one! I'd happily pay or donate for a full redesign, but a quick fix to hold me over would be much appreciated!
  • Ok guys we hear ya! We've officially fired up the engines tonight.

    iOS 9 fix first, then a proper revamp.
  • I'd pay for it too!
  • Can't wait for the fix!! It's also 1 of the main reasons I jailbreak. Have faith y'all will get ur done!
  • If you need any beta testers, I'm sure many here would be happy to help!
  • Super excited! I love this tweak.
  • I'm up for beta testing as well (if you need it). My FAVORITE app and the only reason I switched to an iPhone!! Keep up the great work.
  • Al - any idea on how long the update will take? I am pondering downgrading my phone from IOS9 to 8.
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