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Device starts to sleep over WiFi

edited November 2015 in Support
Device falls asleep on Wifi when locked. For that problem i could install Insomnia, but this does not work on iOS 8/9, i have to "wake up the device" to send a remote message and and that is annoying, since this problem was not on my old device with iOS 8.3 (5s, now i'm using the 6s) Back than i could send messages without waking up the device each time and without Insomnia...

Interesting is, that in Settings is said: "Current IP:", though remote messages works when the the device is "waken up" or connected to the PC.
On my iPhone 5s with iOS 8.3 the IP-address was shown properly.

Anyone else a solution for this or is this established?

Greetings from germany, André


  • Nobody an idea? Or is the issue my own fault? I have no idea whats wrong with it!

    Greetings, André
  • Same issue on my side too. I ended up using ifunbox tunnel with cable and that works in real time and no sleep.
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