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Is it possible to have an option to keep notifications landing on the phone when the web UI is idle?

edited November 2015 in Feature Requests
I use Remote Messages on my htpc and basically what happens a lot is that I would leave the computer idle and the phone is still in the house and the sound which goes over HDMI will stop working when the computer sleeps.

What happens at this point is that the conversation that was open in the web app will now become completely silent. The phone notifications are cleared. Its actually a neat feature for convenience (just like when google talk is being used in the gmail web app, the hangouts iOS app will stay silent!) but it turns out this can really lead to missed messages.

OK. so now I have also found the "close convo after 5 minutes" setting. I see that this will close it so that any new messages after 5 minutes will have notifications go back onto my phone.

What I would like to see is

a) an ability to not actually have to close the entire conversation. Just detect my idleness... if the tab is not focused, i am always to be considered idle.

b) ability to adjust the number of minutes before i am considered idle

This way I can adjust the settings so that I can keep the browser tab around to very quickly write messages into my last conversation while also ensuring that i get notifications for this conversation.

Thank you so much for reading my suggestion. I think the ability of composing messages on my phone from my PC was worth every one of the 400 cents! It's already an amazing job. I am a web dev myself so I just really had to speak up about this one tiny little tweak that I think can bring this tweak to perfection.


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