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Ability to paste in an image?

edited January 2016 in Feature Requests
I think a cool feature would be the ability to copy and paste in an image and send it.

I have to text images every now and then. My workflow is to take a screenshot, then go to Remote Messages, click on Browse, look around the file system trying to figure out where the screenshot app placed it and select it.

Simply copying and pasting would be so much more convenient.



  • I agree, I use that functionality often when using Skype and the Telegram desktop client. I'll see if it's possible to do in the browser, but I'm guessing it won't be.
  • Al, it is possible because I can paste an image into my Gmail Compose window.
  • Seconded on this function. And yes, I believe it can be done as the Telegram web client also allows it.
  • Gentlemen, any hope of movement on this?
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