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Availability of legacy versions...

edited March 2016 in Community
I'm looking for a version that will operate on my iOS 5.1.1 iPad 1 while I'm waiting for 9.3 Jailbreak to come around. Is it possible?


  • Bro I'm sorry this forum/developer is so slippin as to not have replied to your question in MONTHS... I was also looking, imagine that.. for a compatible version. the same version of the software I got when I purchased it. I'm on 7.1.2 and what I was looking for was under iOS 8.x.... smh. I do like the software though, it works great usually. Unless your sms db is over 100mb, in which case I couldn't find an app to work with that.. Backup and delete private/var/mobile/lib/SMS folder (or you can just rename the folder to something other than SMS~ and switch back between sms histories with that method). Restart your phone. Profit. // ˳ ̳ਨੂੰ˳ޔ //
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