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Remote Messages Notification in Android Chrome Browser

edited November 2015 in Support
Hello - So when logged into remote messages in Safari on my Mac, I can see a settings Cog by the "New Conversation Bubble". When I click it, one of the options says Notifications. When I enable it, Safari asks if I want to enable notifications - and it works great. I do not see this settings cog on the mobile version of Chrome on my Android. Even asking to show the desktop version of the site doesn't show it. Is there anyway to access this feature on Android? I know that Chrome for Android supports notifications; theres a section in its settings for it (allow from certain sites, etc). I am on Android 6.0 on a Nexus 6P. Thanks for any help!!


  • Bump. Anyone? This is really the only thing preventing me from fully enjoying remote messages - I don't get full notifications on my Android through Firefox. It does show a Firefox notification symbol at the top of the phone and on the lock screen, but doesn't make any sounds.
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