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Tweaks causing RM to crash (if known)

edited February 2016 in Community
For those who have fixed RM based on uninstalling or re-installing something, can give us some ideas of what tweaks could be damaging or causing this?

Re-installing a dependency or downgrading?

Or, maybe trying in another browser?

We need RM, at least i do and i want to be able to use it.


  • CleanSheets 2 and HapticFeedback are two crash culprits. :)
  • Can you please contact the respective Devs for CleanSheets & HapticFeedback and get them to address this?
  • having trouble connecting to RM over WiFi, I'm using the same network on both devices but I wont allow me to authenticate...
  • Discman please start your own thread and we'll try and help you
  • I just contacted the Dev of CleanSheets via Twitter about the incompatibility of it and RM and this is what he had to say: "@kgfromthemv seeing as remote messages is using a weird way of displaying the sheet and I am not disassembling to fix his bugs. Talk to him".

    To be honest, I don't really care how it happens, but I'd like to be able to use both RM and CleanSheets 2. I would think that because I actually paid for Remote Messages, the support on this end would be better. Any chance there will be a fix for this?
  • I'm afraid the balls in his court, he's loading some thing in to the non gui RM daemon. When I install cleansheets2 on my iPad all of a sudden a load of functionality stops working (like the modify button in Cydia!!). If you really want to use both tweaks at the same time, and entirely at your own risk, you can modify his tweaks plist yourself and exclude it from loading in RemoteMessages.
  • I just reinstalled CleanSheets 2 to check the .plist and it seems as though its working right now. I already had RM enabled, so that might be the reason. Until I have an issue I'll leave it as it is.

    PS - The modify button is Cydia is currently working. I haven't experienced any sort of functionality loss, as far as I can tell.
  • ...i have any of all these tweaks or extensions your guys are talking about. All i know is that i can connect but when i go to a conversation with pics it shuts off by itself.

  • @alex I really want to use both CleanSheets 2 and RM at the same time. And sometimes it works together, sometimes it doesn't. How would I modify the plist of CleanSheets to exclude it from loading into RM? There is no case when RM launches a UIAlertView anyway, so they really don't need to touch eachother.
  • I think the latest version of TypeStatus officially joins the list. :frowning:
  • @OneyOzFest182 the latest version of TypeStatus was making my phone respring every time someone started typing.
  • I rather use Remote Messages instead the CleanSheets thing.

    Productivity is what i need instead showing off my phone.
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