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remote messages for ios9 keeps disabling itself

any idea why this keeps happening...probably every couple of hours it turns off on its own and I have to go into settings and enable it again. Really frustrating.


  • me too, same issue daily
  • I can send a few messages successfully and then mine disables itself as well.
  • I've had this issue as well. It only seems to happen when I am connected to a Wi-Fi network. Does not happen at work when I am usb tunneling and connecting through localhost in browser. I can get around this by disabling wifi but obviously, thats not a great workaround.
  • Same problem any solutions?
  • Haven't found any, and it seems no one is really working on a solution to it. Trying to figure out what causes it to crash at the moment. I thought it was photo thread related, but that doesnt seem to be the case. It's completely random.
  • I had that issue long time ago and i installed insomnia, keeps you WIFI active when the phone goes to sleep, this might help.
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