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unable to turn on RM 3.2.1

edited August 2016 in Support
i just purchased RM version 3.2.1 but im not able to turn it on and the IP address stays at does anyone know what i can do to solve this?


  • Go to your WIFI settings, tap in the "i" to see your IP address, then you type in the browser + the port.
  • When you toggle the on button does it immediately toggle back off? If so that implies a tweak incompatibility is crashing remote messages. Have a look on these forums to see the known incompatibilities. If you still can't get it working email support through Cydia so we can see which packages you have installed.
  • Read in another post it could be MessageHeads. I uninstalled it and RM works now
  • I'm pretty certain the latest version of TypeStatus is creating a conflict as well.
  • I can also confirm the latest version of TypeStatus is causing a conflict with RM. I disabled TypeStatus with iCleaner and RM is now working fine.
  • Should i delete all the messages tweaks i have???

    ...i'll give a shot. I really need this thing.
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