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Will RemoteMessages be developed further?

Hi there,

RM is my most used and most important Jailbreak Tweak. Will it be developed further? For iOS 10?
I miss my Jailbreak and RM.

I hope there will come a Jailbreak as a Christmas gift.

Greetings from an satisfied customer


  • Seconded. I would gladly pay for an iOS 10 release. This is my primary reason for jailbreaking.
  • Yeah, me too. Please support iOS 10!
  • AlAl
    edited January 2017
    Yeah I don't see why not.

    Only problem is... @alex is on 10.2 on a 32-bit iPhone 5. I'm still waiting on a 10.1.1 64-bit JB. :/
    Edit: I've updated to 10.2 (64-bit iP6)
  • I also hope this is updated/supported for iOS 10...that is once the iOS 10 jailbreak is stable. Still rocking 9.3.3 here and love RM!
  • Just to update anyone on the fence about jailbreaking right now... I finally got RM installed yesterday and I am unable to enable the app in settings.

    Jailbreaking is still kind of a pain at the moment, so if this is why you're going to attempt it, I'd recommend waiting.
  • Also probably worth mentioning I'm on 10.1.1 with an iPhone 7 Plus.
  • AlAl
    edited January 2017
    Yeah it'll need a complete overhaul due to the changes in ChatKit. There's an awful lot of work ahead of us even after a stable jailbreak drops, plus @alex is relying on a 32-bit JB (unless he picks up a new phone).

    That being said, my old iPhone 5 is still on 9.0.2 so I can at least continue work on a new front-end.
  • I hope it will. I would be even willing to buy it again, since it will need a complete overhaul and that obviously is going to take more time than the previous iterations. I literally use this application every single day and I miss it a lot now. I did not want to stay stuck on iOS 9.3.3 though because 10.2 may be the last jailbreak we see for a long time.

    As of today Yalu B6 for iOS 10.2 jalbreak is "about as stable as it's going to get." It also does not look like there is going to be a 32-bit jailbreak at all for iOS 10.2 any time soon.
  • edited January 2017
    And the signing window just closed for 10.2.x so you guys probably missed it... damn you, Apple. I really wish they would allow an application like this in the Apple store but it'll just never happen.
  • AlAl
    edited January 2017
    Just in case anyone is wondering:

    Me (Browser-side dev): iPhone 5 (9.0.2) + iPhone 6 (10.2)
    @alex (Device-side dev): iPhone 5 (10.x) + iPad Air 2 (10.2)

    So we're able to have a pop at it, but we're a bit limited for now unless @alex picks up a new handset still running <10.2.1.
  • How many users are here? Is there enough to put together a donation together to get a new handset for @Alex - or am I dreaming?
  • I was literally thinking the same thing Darren. This forum seems very quiet though. That's good to know @Al.
  • I have an extra iPhone 6 that (I think) is on 10.1.1. I need to boot it up and take a look. I could ship it to @alex for development if that would help.
  • Can't wait for this..
  • Same here... can't wait... really need it. Let me know what is needed.
  • ... A complete overhaul of a piece of software like this does not happen overnight.

    I think we are just going to have to make due without remote messages for a few months. I'll keep checking back and would be happy to help with any testing.
  • yeah is gona be a minute...
  • Any status updates on this? Has work been started. You guys have an awesome product and I've really been missing it on iOS 10. Keep up the good work!
  • The main forum pages says a major update is currently in development.
  • I'm not seeing that anywhere.. but thanks for the update.
  • Above the topic banner, it says - "iOS 10 is currently unsupported. We're busy working on a significant update."
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