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Kyle Grieder


Kyle Grieder
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  • @alex I really want to use both CleanSheets 2 and RM at the same time. And sometimes it works together, sometimes it doesn't. How would I modify the plist of CleanSheets to exclude it from loading into RM? There is no case when RM launches a UIAlert…
  • I just reinstalled CleanSheets 2 to check the .plist and it seems as though its working right now. I already had RM enabled, so that might be the reason. Until I have an issue I'll leave it as it is. PS - The modify button is Cydia is currently wo…
  • I just contacted the Dev of CleanSheets via Twitter about the incompatibility of it and RM and this is what he had to say: "@kgfromthemv seeing as remote messages is using a weird way of displaying the sheet and I am not disassembling to fix his bug…
  • Haha its funny you mention it because I just tried that before coming to post this. After I tried a different browser, I tried again to load it in my normal browser(Chrome). While the page was still loading, I toggled RM "disabled" then back to "ena…
    in 9.3.3 Comment by Kyle Grieder July 2016
  • There was one time it did that. Where it flipped off when I try to toggle it. But now, everything on the RM settings pane looks fine. I have it "enabled", I had Authentication enabled first, but I've also tried it without Auth. When authentication…
    in 9.3.3 Comment by Kyle Grieder July 2016
  • I personally haven't been able to get it to work on my 6s with 9.3.3. It is installed but when I try and open it in my browser, it doesn't load. Anyone have any ideas?
    in 9.3.3 Comment by Kyle Grieder July 2016